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Donya is interviewed by WorldatWork about the importance of a sales compensation specialty

Donya Rose  has over twenty-five years experience in leading the design and implementation of systems and processes to ensure alignment of sales results with top business priorities. She has led projects in sales target setting, measurement and forecasting, technology enabled selling, and sales compensation plan design. Today Donya focuses primarily on sales compensation plan design, and has designed hundreds of sales compensation plans since that became her focus in 1999.

Donya leads Xactly’s Sales Compensation Design Practice, a part of Xactly’s Strategic Services Group.  Donya’s consulting experience before Xactly includes three years with Towers Perrin/Towers Watson’s Sales Effectiveness and Rewards practice, and 12 years leading The Cygnal Group, a boutique firm focused exclusively on sales compensation plan design.

Donya’s passion is practical value-creating compensation plan design supported by thorough modeling to anticipate effects of proposed plans on individuals and the company.

Donya’s credentials:

  • WorldatWork Certified Sales Compensation Professional (CSCP)
  • Master of Science in Operations Research and Systems Analysis from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Davidson College

Donya’s recent speaking engagements and articles include:

  • Quoted, alongside Joe DiMisa, in an article published by WordatWork, “Experts Explain How Sales Is Changing… And Why You Better Change With It!” by Jim Fickess
  • Presented, with Joe Clarkson, Tim Weiler, and at the August 2014 Sales Compensation Spotlight conference, “What Really Changes When You Change Your Sales Comp Plans?”
  • Presented, with Mandeep Chaddha, VP Global Operations at Red Hat, at the August 2014 Sales Compensation Spotlight conference, “Sales Compensation in a Recurring Revenue Business”
  • Contributed, with Joe Clarkson and Mark Flavin, to a paper for publication on the Towers Watson external web site, “Sales Models: Transitioning From Sales Stars to a Sales Machine”
  • Presented at a Sales Management Association webinar sponsored by Anaplan, “Sales Forecasting and Incentive Design”
  • Presented at the Raleigh Wake Human Resources Compensation & Benefits Forum, “Simpler is Better – Streamline your sales comp plans to drive results”
  • Presented, with Mark Briggs of Cardinal Health, at the 2015 WorldatWork Total Rewards conference, “Top Tips for Top Line Success: How HRBPs Can Contribute to Successful Selling”
  • Presented, with Tom Notar, VP Corporate Sales and Financial Operations at Deltek, at the August 2015 Sales Compensation Spotlight Conference, “Multi-product Software and the Single Quota”

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